Transforming Your Mental Health In 2024

adoption caregiver foster care mental health parenting trauma Jan 20, 2024
The Resilient Caregiver
Transforming Your Mental Health In 2024

If you're anything like us, last year was a really difficult year. We stepped out of it, into 2024, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and fearful that the New Year would turn out just like the old year. The biggest aspect of this journey to take a hit was our mental health. 

Anyone out there with us on that one? 

But, it doesn't have to be this way. There are practical steps we can take as caregivers, to drastically improve, even transform, our mental health. It begins by creating a Mental Health Decree. 

This past week, we hosted a 3-part workshop entitled, Overcoming Isolation & Burnout in 2024 and it was simply amazing. More than 500 caregivers from all over the world signed up and went through it. Session 2 was all about Transforming Our Mental Health in the New Year. Not only did we give practical advice, we also shared a valuable Action Sheet to help you take action and decree your value and boundaries. Game-changer! 

It was such a powerful session (in fact, possibly our best live session ever!) that we decided to drop a snippet into this week's podcast. Listen to the episode and then download and fill out Your Mental Health Decree Action Sheet....

Thanks for stopping by this week ;-)