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The caregiver journey is filled with exhaustion, overwhelm, and frustration. It's easy to feel isolated, alone, and close to burnout. To make matters worse, very few people truly understand what our lives are like, and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Chances are, you've tried just about everything to find solutions for your overwhelm, loneliness, and the big issues you're experiencing with your child. From books, to webinars, to conferences, to support groups... they've helped (sort of), but only so much. You need help every single week. You need answers in real time. 

What if you had a place, accessible anytime, where you could connect to fellow caregivers, find answers to your biggest questions, and learn and grow as a parent all while caring for your child?

Resilient Caregiver University is the answer! 

Resilient Caregiver University

Provides full access to weekly support, education from world-renowned experts, and answers to help you thrive as a caregiver!

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Resilient Caregiver University gives you instant access to... 

Weekly Community Support

Your University Membership connects you with fellow caregivers all over the world. You'll have the opportunity, weekly, to dialogue, meet up with, and share with others on this journey. 

Consistent Caregiver Training

A key aspect of your University Membership is access to experts who can help you succeed as a caregiver. Our training hub provides access to in-depth training 24-7 along with Live Training events monthly.

Your University Enrollment Also Includes...

Unlimited access to our Discussion Circles with fellow members to energize and help you not feel so alone. Pose a question, ask for perspective, and get real-time input!

Direct access to Mike and Kristin, through Office Hours, RCU's weekly online meet up. You can ask your biggest questions, get advice from the pros, or rant if you need to! 

Top level training from our Live Monthly Expert Training featuring world-leading medical and therapeutic experts in the adoption and foster community. 

Growth and connection through our regular Community Challenges where we provide practical steps and strategies to become the best caregiver possible!

Resilient Caregiver University is more than just an online community. It's a safe haven where you can connect personally with fellow caregivers just like you, sit at the feet of the best trainers and experts in the world, and find weekly support and encouragement to help you build and maintain resiliency all year long. 


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About your lead supporters & trainers...

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There are so many great organizations providing so many great resources for foster and adoptive caregivers. We don't want you to have to pick and choose what online communities you're a part of. So, we're making it easy for you. Click below, fill in your information, and upload a copy of your receipt to the paid online community you're part of and we'll send you a special 40% off coupon to use for The University.

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Jennifer, San Diego CA

I don't know very many foster parents in my area. Even though I live near a big city, I feel alone. The University has given me the opportunity to connect with others just like me. I don't feel so alone anymore! 

Enroll in The University today and get these bonuses...

Not only do you get full access to a thriving support community, we're also including these special bonuses in your enrollment!


Trauma Knowledge Masterclass (Training Course)

Full access to our course on trauma basics, behavior response, attachment basics, and regulation strategies.


Resiliency Made Simple
(3-Part Video Series)

*NEW: our deep dive video series covering the basics of resiliency to help caregivers thrive.


Regular Certificate Of Completion

For every Live Training, or training video you attend or view, we'll give you a Certificate Of Completion on a monthly basis.


You've got questions... we've got answers:

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Resilient Caregiver University 

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