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Do you ever wish you had someone to guide you or, at the very least, talk to on the caregiver journey?

Let's be honest- being a parent can be very VERY difficult and often defeating. Your child's behavior can push you past the brink of sanity. You often find yourself with zero answers for their teacher. You're at a loss for words over the latest report from the after school program director. You feel utterly hopeless and lost. 

And chances are, you've tried just about everything to change your circumstances. Support groups, books, conferences, webinars, the list goes on. All have helped, sort of, but you need help EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, not just once a month, or every now and then.  

Will you ever find that level of support? 

If any of this describes you, we want you to know, there is hope. More importantly, there's an answer. 

The Thrive Parent Coaching program provides face to face interaction and support on a weekly basis from Mike and Kristin Berry, and The Resilient Caregiver Team. 

Single Coaching Call

Need only one call, or a handful of calls to work through an issue or question? Our Single Coaching Calls include:

  • One 60-Minute Zoom Call with Mike or Kristin
  • Access to the recording of the call
  • Access to resources or links shared during the call
  • Plan of action PDF (generated from our call together)

$150 per session

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12-Week Coaching Program

For 3 full months we walk alongside of you, developing a behavior response plan, and forming strategies to better parent. This program includes:

  • Weekly 60-Minute Zoom calls with Mike or Kristin
  • Access to Zoom call replays
  • Access to our Thrive online training videos
  • 1-year free access to Resilient Caregiver University

$2997 or $1049 monthly

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One Day Coaching Intensive

Spend one full day with the two of us and one of our therapeutic pros in Indianapolis forming a plan for success. The intensive includes:

  • Round trip flight to and from Indianapolis
  • Lodging for 2 nights (you get to choose between the country or the city)
  • Dinner with us and our team on night 1 of your stay
  • A full day of coaching from 9am until 5pm. 
  • 6 months of follow up weekly Zoom calls
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Loz & Jake
Victoria, Australia

"My husband and I hit a point of realization where we knew that our teenage foster son (who has challenging behaviors) was unable to change. As caregivers we wanted things to improve and knew we need to be the ones to change and adapt. We were unsure where to begin that change; so we signed up for Thrive. The training content is insightful and self paced which fits in with any schedule. We really benefited from the one on one training calls where we were able to ask questions specific to our family. The expertise and life experience that the Berry’s have to offer is a gift! There was no judgement, a lot of empathy and encouragement to make small changes in the places it counts. We are so grateful for this! Thanks Mike and Kristin!!!"