Celebrating & Honoring Diversity In Foster Care And Adoption

adoption diversity foster care Nov 16, 2023
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Celebrating & Honoring Diversity In Foster Care And Adoption

Diversity is a central aspect of the foster and adoption journey. But often, it's overlooked or taken for granted. That's precisely why we have crucial guests like our good friend Maria Hansen-Quine. 

She's a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly when it comes to the celebration of diversity in foster care and adoption. 

A Little More About Maria...

Maria passionately believes in the value of children. So much so that she has devoted the past 22 years to working with children, currently working as a school counselor in a beautiful inner city community.   Maria has worked in three different states, six different schools, two group homes, an outpatient therapy children's programs, a homeless shelters, and has provided court mandated therapeutic in home support to families.  Maria’s passion for kids was birthed during college, when she spent two summers running day camps in Camden New Jersey.

Maria’s early beginning stories begun in a little country called the Faroe Islands. Here Maria spent the first eleven years of her life, immigrating to Canada as a non-English speaker. Later as an adult, Maria immigrated to the United States. 

Maria calls herself a precious jewels mamma, as she believes children are sacred gifts from God.  Maria and her husband Sam have ten beautiful and diverse precious jewels, seven through adoption, two born biologically, and one bonus adult daughter (and son in law).  Sam is an adult adoptee.

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