Building Resiliency When You're Parenting Beyond Childhood

Sep 27, 2023
The Resilient Caregiver
Building Resiliency When You're Parenting Beyond Childhood

For a lot of caregivers, hands-on parenting won't end when their child graduates from high school. We'll be involved in some what, shape, or form with our children as they move into adulthood. But that doesn't mean that our lives, or their lives, will be restricted. Quite the opposite. Resiliency as you continue to parent into adulthood IS possible.

In this episode, we welcome Sue Badeau, who knows a thing or two about building resiliency long Into parenting adult children. She and her husband Hector are currently involved in several of their adult children's lives. 

A Little More About Sue...

Whether delivering a training herself, or developing a curriculum for others, Sue has one goal in mind: providing memorable, effective, educational workshops that inspire and motivate action. After participating in Sue's training sessions, attendees report understanding new ways to apply complex information. "I see myself as a translator," Sue explains, "Presenting challenging material in ways that professionals, parents and caregivers can implement in their daily lives and practice."  

How To Connect With Sue...

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