How Asking One Question When Behaviors Escalate Can Change Everything!

behavior response behaviors connected parenting resiliency tantrums therapeutic parenting trauma Sep 13, 2023
The Resilient Caregiver
How Asking One Question When Behaviors Escalate Can Change Everything!

In the heat of the moment, when your child is melting down, you're on display, or you're just overwhelmed and exhausted, the question that is likely running through your head is "What's wrong with this child?" 

But, it's the wrong question to ask. It's okay if you've asked this before. We all have. Don't beat yourself up. It happens to all of us. You're not alone. 

In this episode we discuss this and what the RIGHT question actually is. And the right question has the power to change EVERYTHING- your response, your attachment to your child, the level of trust you have with them, and even your resiliency as a caregiver!  

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