How Dads Can Find Connection & Camaraderie

Aug 09, 2023
The Resilient Caregiver
How Dads Can Find Connection & Camaraderie
The words ‘connection’ and ‘men’ are usually not mentioned in the same sentence with one another, let alone associated with each other. Yet every fall, in the mountains of Colorado, the two words form a transformational experience for foster and adoptive dads.

In 2016, sensing an urgency to create safe space where foster and adoptive dads could connect with one another, Mike Berry, Andrew Schneidler and Jason Morriss, created Road Trip: A Mountaintop Experience for Foster and Adoptive Dads. They had one goal: create safe space where men could be open, honest, and vulnerable in without fear of judgement or criticism. To date, more than 600 men have journeyed up the mountain. In this latest episode, they share openly what Road Trip is, why it’s so transformational in men’s lives, and how dads can find connection and camaraderie.

A Little More About Road Trip…

Let’s begin with what Road Trip is NOT. It’s NOT a retreat, NOT a conference, and NOT a church men’s retreat. It’s a conversation.

Weird, right? What does that even mean? At Road Trip we’re all about invitation. Simply put…you attend a retreat, but you’re invited into a conversation. And the best part? You can choose to participate, or just listen. In any case, Road Trip is safe space for foster and adoptive dads to share their greatest fears and greatest struggles, without judgement.  

In the midst of this conversation, you also get a chance to getaway and participate in fly fishing, hiking, exploring, napping (if you need it), micro-brewery trips, horseback riding, and much much more!

Heads up, we only have a few more spots left for 2023…

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