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"How can I keep going, even when I'm exhausted and have nothing left to give?"

Sound familiar? If you're like us, you know just how difficult and tiring the foster and adoptive caregiver journey can be. There are days when you're not sure you'll make it to tomorrow. The juggling act of behaviors, appointments, hearings, new diagnosis, finding resources, or even an ounce of time for you is near impossible.

Chances are, you've tried everything to remedy this but nothing's really worked. Worse, you feel more alone and isolated than ever. Let's be honest, there's really no one you can talk to and share honestly with.

That's where The Resilient Caregiver comes in. We've created this space to help you change your perspective, improve your personal health, and immerse yourself in a likeminded community of caregivers that loves you and supports you, no matter what!

We want you to know you are loved, you are good, and your story isn't over!

Journeying together,

Mike and Kristin
and The Resilient Caregiver Team


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How We Help You Achieve Resiliency:


Reframed Perspective

Resiliency begins when you reframe your understanding of your child's trauma history and how it has impacted present behaviors. When you begin to see these circumstances in a new light, your perspective changes and your heart transforms to compassion.

Transformational Education

Chances are, you stepped into this journey with certain ideals around parenting. But the foster and adoption journey requires new learning and new discovery. That's where education comes in. Continually learning new parenting strategies equips you with the tools to parent successfully.

Connection To Fellow Caregivers

The journey is hard but there is hope. Resiliency grows when you reconnect to those who understand. We know just how valuable this is. That's precisely why we've build a 24-7 support system that connects you to caregivers just like you, and provides a renewed perspective on this journey.

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Our Exclusive 24-7 Support & Ongoing Education Community

The path to resiliency begins when we connect to community and work to educate ourselves. But you don't have to do this alone. Our University is designed to provide community, education, and support every week!

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The journey is hard, and sometimes you feel like you won't make it another day. We understand where you're coming from, dear caregiver. Our free training will walk you through 3 crucial keys to achieving longevity and, most importantly, hope for your journey. Most importantly, we make sure you know that you are loved, you are good, and your story isn't over!

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