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What's Included In Your University Enrollment?

Daily Discussions & Meet Ups with fellow University members to energize and help you not feel so alone

Weekly Office Hours with Mike & Kristin over Zoom to get advice or your biggest questions answered 

Monthly online training from medical and therapeutic experts in the adoption and foster community 

Community challenges to help you grow and develop personal health on the caregiver journey

Resilient Caregiver University is your one-stop online to find 24-7 support, access to in-depth training, and daily encouragement you need to continually change your perspective and transform your parenting. 


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About your lead supporters & trainers...

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Jennifer, San Diego CA

I don't know very many foster parents in my area. Even though I live near a big city, I feel alone. The University has given me the opportunity to connect with others just like me. I don't feel so alone anymore! 

Resilient Caregiver University gives you 24-7 Access To... 

Community Support

Your University Membership connects you with fellow caregivers all over the world. You'll have the opportunity, weekly, to dialogue, meet up with, and share with others on this journey. 

In-Depth Training

A key aspect of your University Membership is access to experts who can help you succeed as a caregiver. Our training hub provides access to in-depth training 24-7


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