Proven steps to help you bring calm to the chaos and build a connection with your child

Coming April 30th, May 1st & 2nd, 12 Noon EST.

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The Schedule:

Over 3 days we are going to dive into the top 3 steps that can transform everything about your response, but more importantly, your connection to your child. These are proven, practical strategies you can store in your parenting toolbox:

PART 1: The Bigger Picture Of Behaviors

Tuesday, April 30th, 12pm EST.

PART 2: Attaching In Big Feeling Moments

Wednesday, May 1st, 12pm EST.

PART 3: The Behavior Response Blueprint

Thursday,  May 2nd, 12pm EST.

Join us for a BONUS Training Event...

We will be LIVE tonight, May 5th at 5pm EST for the conclusion of Behavior Response Made Simple. In this special training we are going to walk through a comprehensive Behavior Response Plan including Crisis Response and Safety Planning. 

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When We Learned To Respond Differently To Behaviors, Everything Changed For Our Parenting Journey!

But it wasn't easy. We're the first to say honestly, we struggled through those early years of parenting.

Trust us when we say... we made a million mistakes, responded to behaviors from our emotions, and often concluded the big feeling moments were the result of "a bad kid, behaving badly!"

The truth is...when we finally discovered the bigger picture of behaviors, why exactly they were happening, how we could actually build attachment in the middle of them, and practical steps we could take to change the length and intensity of those moments, everything changed for us as caregivers. 

We don't want you wasting days (or even years) like we did trying to figure this out. 

So, if...

- You're tired of trying to deal with and make sense of your child's rollercoaster of emotions and behaviors.

- You're exhausted because you've tried just about everything to manage the chaos of big feeling moments!

- You feel completely and utterly alone on this journey, and you're pretty sure no one understands, or is coming to help.

- You thought the parenting journey was going to be different but no one told you how trauma affects behaviors and now you're struggling to make it to tomorrow.

- You really REALLY want a connection with your child but you don't know how to form one!  

This workshop is for you! 

During the 3-part workshop, Behavior Response Made Simple we're going to walk you through the exact simple blueprint and plan that helped us do things differently with our children and move toward healing and understanding in our home. 

It can for you too!

We invite you to join us,

Mike and Kristin Berry
Workshop Leaders

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3-PART LIVE WORKSHOP coming April 30th, May 1st & 2nd...


Join us as we walk through practical response tools to bring calm in the chaos!





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