The Safety Planning Essentials

Learn how to create and maintain a safety plan, effectively navigate
and respond to investigations, manage crisis situations, and set your home up for success

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The Safety Planning Essentials Course will teach you...

Safety Plan Types

how to create a safety plan, which type of plan is right for your family, and real-life plan examples.

Investigation Response

and what to do when you are accused, find yourself under investigation, or there's a CPS inquiry.

Crisis Management

and the right tools and response to handle crisis situations effectively and confidently.

Imagine a home where safety is no longer a concern, but a solid plan.

Let's face it... caring for children who have a trauma history can be really difficult. Behaviors often escalate causing your home environment to become unsafe, or at risk. Add to that, the reality of CPS knocking on your door at any point. It can be scary, and daunting. Chances are, you've tried to plan for this reality but you feel lost and overwhelmed. You wonder, 'can our family actually survive a season of crisis?'

What if we told you, you can! It's possible.  

Once upon a time, we were in your shoes. We were in crisis, the subject of an investigation, and every bit of feeling lost and hopeless. 

But we made it through that season by diligently applying simple, effective strategies that quickly brought an end to the nightmare. 

Now, in 'The Safety Planning Essentials' we walk you through those strategies. The mini-course gives you real-life examples, proven plans, effective templates, success stories, and the tools to bring you one step closer to a safe and healing home.


Mike and Kristin
Lead Trainers

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The Safety Planning Essentials Course includes access to...

3 Course Modules

that include How to create and maintain a safety plan, how to respond to investigations, and how to manage crisis.

Bonus Content

including real-life safety plan examples, a crisis management checklist, and email communication templates to case managers, teachers, etc. 

A Certificate Of Completion

you can use for foster care license hours, home study hours, and more. This course gives you 4 hours total of training hours.

(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

You've got questions...we've got answers!.

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